(CNN) — Patrycja Makowska likes to give enigmatic names to the extraordinarily beautiful photographs she shoots of crumbling palaces.
But thats escort bayan not where the enigma of her work ends.
Despite creating alluring images of abandoned buildings, shes determined to keep their locations a mystery.
Places reflect our soul, tell the forgotten story of love, disaster, war, as well as ordinary life, Makowska, a former history teacher from Poland, tells CNN as she tries to explain her shroud of secrecy.
Everything passes, even the power escort of past times is often forgotten. And thats why I dont give any addresses, because often these places are destroyed and devastated, its better for them to have been forgotten.
Not, however, forgotten by Makowskas cameras.
She uses old analog Russian photo equipment and lenses, plus some more modern Canon and Nikon equipment to create images that pay homage to the original grandeur of these baroque structures.
With otherworldly titles such as Ethereal Dreams and Lost Under the Surface, her photographs have an unrealistic quality more closely associated with paintings — but the incredible detail on display would take more than a lifetimes worth of brushstrokes to recreate.
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Swirling spiral staircases
The images show vast ornate ballrooms, swirling spiral staircases and elegant chapels strewn with rubble.
Sunlight shafts bore in through broken windows or holes in roofs.
Sometimes an abandoned toy or chair adds a poignant human touch to the dereliction.
Makowska, who lives in Warsaw, took up photography about 12 years ago.
Her first subject was a ruined medieval castle in the southern Polish town of Muszyna.
During stays in the UK and Iceland she says she realized there was magic in forgotten places and began seeking them out in her home country.
Finding her subjects takes effort, she says.
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The location of these places is hard work, the research involves maps, historical books and old guides, and talking to people who live in the areas of the buildings.
Her refusal to identify where these buildings will at least prevent them from becoming ruin porn destinations — a status deplored by some places trying shake off economic decline.
Makowska, who now works in IT, says she has been inspired by peoples reactions to her work into pursuing further projects.
On her list is nature photography — mountains, meadows and sea — and documenting URBEX, the sometimes risky global trend of urban exploration that occasionally involves trespassing on dangerous structures.
She also wants to tackle human subjects.
This would be a breakthrough for me because so far my work hasnt involved any people or portraits.
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(CNN) — When the body comes under attack by flu, dendritic cells rush to the site of infection and identify escort bayan the alien forms attacking it. Millions raise the alarm and the immune system is fired into action.
It is a reliable and effective response, and what is good enough to protect our health has also proved capable of safeguarding inboxes. Artificial immune systems (AIS) based on the bodys cellular response to disease are being used to target spam.
Its an adaptive system that can be more nuanced in detecting whats dangerous, says Dr. Uwe Aickelin, professor of computer science at the university of Nottingham and leading AIS developer. Millions of pieces of information are gathered so the cells are very accurate.
While the cells in our bodies will respond to signals such as stress and inflammation, Aickelins software analogue picks up on the traffic bombardments associated with spam. While generic filters can cope with conventional phishing, the cellular system is suited to a user facing frequent new threats, and has been employed by leading security companies.

This model represents a potentially transformative shift in the rapidly expanding field of biomimicry. The trend for nature-inspired designs has spread across industries from crab-style deep-sea vessels to insect-inspired buildings, and is projected to generate $1.6 trillion by 2030 according to Da Vinci Index. But now technologies based specifically on cellular designs are making nature itself the driving force.
In addition to computing, cellular biomimicry is making its mark in water filtration, meeting President Nixons historic challenge to make the oceans drinkable, using a membrane present in humans and plants.
Artificial leaf mimics nature
Can spider silk help you self-heal?
Meanwhile, photosynthetic processes are being applied to the capture and storage of solar energy, while millions of dollars have been invested in applying the properties of lung cells to building exteriors — the Eskin – to create a layer that allows them to interact efficiently with both people and the environment.
It represents a shift and ultimately where we are heading, Janine Benyus, biologist, author and founder of Biomimcry 3.8 told CNN. We have become very successful in mimicking form, but the real transformational change comes in how we build our material world. Every day we are learning more about molecular machinery in cells and how they work so as to understand and use their design principles is key.
These principles are being applied to some of the most critical resource issues, including fuel through the development of biobatteries. Researchers at the University of Utah have created a battery based on the process of metabolism, using sugar as fuel, catalyzed with the natural energy conversion properties of enzymes.
Natural chemistry is completely different to our heat, beat and treat formula
Janine Benyus, founder of Biomimcry 3.8
If you see a small child consume sugar they convert it to run around all day, so its very efficient and we take the same pathways to apply to the battery, says lead developer Shelley Minteer, who claims the design has favorable performance qualities.
The biobattery can already operate devices such as smartphones, and may prove more versatile than traditional batteries as it can function in extremely low temperatures. The technology is proved to the extent that offshoot company Akermin has received a $3 million grant to use the technology in one of the US largest carbon cleaning operations in power plants.
The combination of living process and synthetic materials is rarely seamless, Minteer admits.
We should not simply assume that systems working at nanoscales can easily be translated to large scales.
Skylar Tibbits, MIT self-assembly lab
Yet advances in the technology of modeling are now allowing greater control and accuracy. Scientists can sculpt the synthesized cells at nano scale into ever more efficient arrangements, getting closer to the natural design. Visualization tools are being driven by creative fields, notably architecture, while manufacturing is improving rapidly through 3D printing.
There are skeptics that believe natural processes are being too readily applied. Natural systems evolved for very specific reasons, over millions of years, with very specific parameters, scale-lengths, forces, and the process of translating these phenomena to other scales, function and human desires does not come naturally or directly., Skylar Tibbits, lead researcher at MITs self-assembly lab, argued in a 2013 TED talk. We should not simply assume that systems working at nanoscales can easily be translated to large scales.
Critics have also warned of Jurassic Park unpredictable and unwanted side effects when natural process are transplanted into technology. Such effects have been noted in Uwe Ackeleins anti-spam program, where the target adapts the defense as well as vice versa.
But these risks pale compared to the potential benefits, exponents believe. Using the processes of nature can deliver designs uniquely adaptive to the environment, with better function and resource management, that can transform industries to deliver solutions to the most critical questions of the age.
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Nominations for 2014 CNN Heroes are being accepted online through August 31, 2014.
(CNN) — Theyre your neighbors, your friends, your escort bayan colleagues, your parents.
They are CNN Heroes, each of whom shows how one person can truly make a difference.
Again this year, CNN encourages you to tell us about these everyday people changing the world — by nominating them at CNNHeroes.com. Taking a few minutes to share their story with us could propel them to worldwide recognition.
Maybe someones selflessness has directly impacted your life.
Destiny Bush nominated her mentor and second mother, Tawanda Jones, whose drill team provides discipline and inspiration to thousands of children in the violent city of Camden, New Jersey.
It was important for the world to see this wonderful individual who commits herself effortlessly — her heart, her body, her soul — to our youth, said Bush, now a graduate student.
Or maybe you know an individual in your community whose personal story and dedication inspires you.
Denada Jacksons mom used to style Robin Emmons hair. When Jackson bumped into Emmons years later, she learned about Emmons efforts to help low-income neighborhoods access healthy, fresh food.
It just seemed right that I would nominate her, because Ive never seen anyone that happy about helping other people, Jackson said. Shes making it happen for others in her community. Just to watch her be honored for that, to get a thank you, that was awesome.
But you dont have to personally know the individual you nominate. Just be familiar with their work.
Johanna Robinette, for example, lives in the same small town as Dale Beatty, who helps build and modify homes for injured veterans. Robinette had heard about Beattys organization, and she saw nominating him as a way to help draw attention to his efforts.
To be able to take that time to do that, I was thankful that I did and thankful that (he was) honored in that way, Robinette said. It felt great to be a part of that.
Its easy to nominate an everyday person changing the world, but a thoughtful, well-written nomination is essential to help yours stand out from the thousands we receive. Here are some suggestions we hope will help you in crafting your nomination for consideration.
• Think about what makes your hero special. Ask yourself: What makes my nominee unique? What specific accomplishment has he or she achieved that is truly remarkable? What impact has his or her work had on others? We encourage you to watch videos of previous CNN Heroes to familiarize yourself with the achievements of the inspiring individuals we honor as everyday people changing the world.
• Take a look at our nomination form. We suggest you review the information requested about yourself, your nominee and his or her work before filling out your submission.
• Tell us about your hero. Take your time and write from the heart. Remember: What you share — in your own words — is the most important factor in advancing a nomination for further consideration. You can enter your answers to the essay questions directly on the form, or write them first in a word-processing document and cut and paste them into each answer field. Please note the information you provide will be used in accordance with our privacy policy.
• Click Submit. If your nomination has been successfully transmitted, youll see a thank you message on your screen. If you provided us with your e-mail address, well also send a confirmation your nomination has been received. And yes, we read each and every one.
Thats it. Nominations for 2014 CNN Heroes remain open through August 31, 2014.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is eligible to be considered as a CNN Hero

A: Nominations must be in the name of a single individual, at least 13 years of age, whose accomplishment occurred (or continued) after November 1, 2013. Groups and organizations are ineligible for consideration. Self-nominations will not be accepted. Citizens of voided countries are also ineligible. For complete details on eligibility requirements and other rules governing selection of CNN Heroes, please read our legal disclosures.
Q: How will I know if my hero is selected?
A: Because of the high volume of nominations received, we cannot respond individually to each submission. However, if your nomination advances, we will contact you and your nominee through the contact information you provide.
Q: What if I dont know my nominees address, e-mail and telephone number?
A: Please make every effort to provide as much contact information as possible. We require either an e-mail address or telephone number so we may quickly contact your nominee to obtain permission for consideration as a CNN Hero.
Q: May I submit additional supportive information about my nominee?
A: Theres space at the end of the form to provide links to articles or websites with more information about your hero. Please do not send additional material unless requested.
Q: May I mail or fax my nomination?
A: No. All nominations must be submitted online through our website.
Q: What if my nomination form is rejected?
A: When filling out your form, please note that certain information is required. Those fields are marked with an asterisk (*). If you are not certain of your heros nationality, select Other from the country drop-down menu. Likewise, if youre unsure which category his or her cause belongs in, just click Other.
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Q: Can I buy tickets to CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute?

A: Unfortunately, seating is limited and by invitation only. Air dates and times for the global broadcast of CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute will be announced in October.
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Many men attempt to emulate their style – but so obsessed are some with Harry Styles and David Beckham that ankara escort theyre going to great lengths to copy their hair, too.Hair salons have seen a 200 per cent increase in the number of men seeking hair extensions to add length and thickness to their tresses.Citing Harry Styles, Oliver Cheshire and David Beckham as their hair inspiration, it appears more and more men are searching for instant – yet subtle – ways to add volume to thin, fine hair. 
Going to great lengths to copy their idols: Hair salons have seen a 200 per cent increase in the number of men seeking hair extensions to add length and thickness to their tresses to look like David Beckham, left, and Harry Styles London hair salon Paul Edmonds has seen a spike in men requesting micro bond extensions, which are specially placed to add volume to hair while remaining invisible to the eye.
Selfie with Gary Barlow changed my life! 20st mother sheds half her body weight after being left humiliated by unflattering photo taken with the Take That singer
Clinically obese Michel Jackson fan nicknamed Belly Jean by bullies tells her tormentors to Beat It after finally shedding eight stone 
I stood up for a month – and dropped a dress size! As experts say sitting down is more unhealthy than smoking, LOUISE ATKINSON set herself an extraordinary challenge… 
The salon say that men are desperate to attain the kind of heavy fringe that can be slicked back a la Harry, Oliver and David. Men suffering from thinning hair and receding hair lines are also seeking the extensions, which last around five weeks. 
Get the look: Men request hair like Oliver Cheshire, left, and Justin Biebers and one company estimates that some 10 per cent of its £4m hair extension sales are to malesPaul Edmonds recently welcomed Jonathan Rhys Meyers into their salon, where he received micro bond extensions for a film he is starring in with Johnny Depp.Leeds-based company Great Lengths has also witnessed a sharp increase in the amount of men wanting to add length and thickness to their locks via hair extensions, estimating that some 10 per cent of its £4m hair extension sales are to males.Joel Silverman, Senior Stylist at Jo Hansford salon, added: Hair extensions are popular to use as a temporary fix for TV and films, and although we haven’t really noticed this carry through to our salon clients, we have seen an increase in male clients enquiring about hair thickening treatments and shampoos.
All to be revealed: Paul Edmonds recently welcomed Jonathan Rhys Meyers into their salon, where he received micro bond extensions for a film he is starring in with Johnny Depp  

Dozens of women have been urgently recalled to hospital for breast cancer checks amid fears a bungling doctor may have escort mistakenly given them the all clear. Thirty women were sent letters by Oxford University Trust Hospital asking them to return for escort screenings at Churchill Hospital as soon as possible this week. It comes after five women, all treated by the same doctor, were found to have developed breast cancer despite being given the all clear. 
Thirty women were recalled to Churchill Hospital in Oxford for further tests after being given the all clear The trust, which has four hospitals, carried out a review of 626 women who were all screened by the doctor. Thirty patients were identified as possibly having been given the wrong information and have been recalled for further tests. While the doctor responsible is not carrying out screenings anymore, they are still operating at the hospital in a different department.  The trust said it had launched a serious investigation into the blunder, but would not confirm whether the medic would face disciplinary action. A spokesman said: The doctors practice is under review but there have been no conclusions yet. 
Tragedy as new mum who blamed tiredness and weight loss on the demands of motherhood dies from undiagnosed DIABETES aged 26
NHS spending more than £2m a day on diabetes medication as obesity and unhealthy diets lead to a surge in the illness
They are not currently undertaking assessments but they have not been suspended and we are satisfied that they are still employed here. The situation was triggered by five cases of women who developed breast cancer after their screening by this specific doctor. All of this doctors assessments have been reviewed, of that there were 30 where we wanted to check further and do further tests to reassure ourselves and the women concerned.We have had an expert external reviewing of the functions and processes of the Breast Screening Service – that function overall is safe. No one has been suspended and the review is ongoing. She would not confirm whether the doctor would face disciplinary action at any point. Dr Tony Berendt, interim medical director, said: Our first priority is to review the 30 women who may have had an insufficient assessment at their last visit.
The trust said it could not speculate on the outcome of the recall and were not prepared to reveal whether the doctor would face disciplinary action While we are calling those women for early review, we would also like to reassure the women of Oxfordshire that there are no concerns about how the screening service functions overall.Women can be confident about the quality of the service they receive. It is monitored closely and the wider investigation was triggered by the trust’s own quality review processes.We cannot speculate on the outcome of the recall.We are extremely sorry for the anxiety that will no doubt be caused to women who have had to be recalled and we will be offering them every support throughout this process.   

Leading Women connects you to extraordinary women of our time — remarkable professionals who have made it to the top evden eve nakliyat in all areas of business, the arts, sport, culture, science and more.
(CNN) — It takes quite a character to inspire a legion of women to draw thick black unibrows and mustaches on their own faces.
Six decades after Frida Kahlos death, her distinctive floral headwear, ornate dresses, and flash of red lipstick, still captivates some fans to the point of making themselves in her image.
Every time a major gallery launches a new exhibition of the Mexican painters work, you can bet it will be accompanied by a queue of Kahlo-lookalikes, said art historian Helga Prignitz-Poda.
Its a real phenomenon, said the curator of one of the biggest Kahlo exhibitions in the world, currently on display at Romes Scuderie del Quirinale.
I think people are most fascinated by her paintings — Frida shows her inner life in a very authentic manner. And I think there are very few artists that have painted so much of what they really felt.
Theres a certain honesty, and thats what people understand and feel.
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Queen of the selfie?
Kahlos greatest muse was arguably herself, throughout her lifetime painting a huge number of self-portraits depicting deeply personal experiences in raw detail.
From miscarriages, to a painful back injury which plagued her, the viewer is given a glimpse into the darkest depths of Kahlos world.
Over 110 pieces are on display at the Frida Kahlo exhibition in Rome.Getty Images
She once famously said: I paint myself because I am often so alone, and because I am the subject I know best.
And in an age of the selfie, could Kahlos self-portraits tell us something about peoples need to share their image with others?
She told her friends: I give you this painting so that I am not so alone, said Prignitz-Poda.
So when people looked at pictures of her in their houses they thought of her, and it was like a white magic — the more she painted herself, the more she spread her image among her friends, and the more these friends thought of her.
She told her friends: I give you this painting so that I am not so alone
Helga Prignitz-Poda, art historian
I think the people who dress-up as Frida Kahlo today want to identify themselves with her because they feel there is a person who has been as lonely as them. There is a person who fought against this loneliness, who was strong enough to overcome their own problems.
A life less ordinary
Kahlos enduring allure is not simply due to her artwork, but a remarkable life which began in Mexico City in 1907.
A horrific traffic accident as a teenager left her with lifelong back problems, and many of her self-portraits depict her body wracked with pain — in one she wears a necklace of thorns, in another she is a deer pierced with arrows.
Her marriage to fellow Mexican painter Diego Rivera — 21 years her senior and a towering figure beside Kahlos petite frame — was a tumultuous one, the couple divorcing in 1939 and remarrying the next year.
Both had extramarital affairs, with Kahlo perhaps most famously engaging in a relationship with Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, while he was in exile in Mexico.
Trotsky and his wife arrive in Mexico in 1937, surrounded by police, and Kahlo.Getty Images
In the beginning Frida was in Diegos shadow, but she very soon stepped out of it, said Prignitz-Poda of the couples avant-garde art careers.
On their first trip to the United States in 1930, they had been married for one year, and already the press started to notice her appearance by his side as someone very attractive and spectacular.
When people came to their house to interview Diego, they saw her paintings, and saw that she was also very interesting.
In 1938 Kahlo had her first solo exhibition in New York. A year later her self-portrait The Frame, was purchased by The Louvre in Paris, the first work by a 20th century Mexican artist bought by the gallery.
When people came to their house to interview Diego, they saw her paintings, and saw that she was also very interesting
Helga Prignitz-Poda, art historian
She had well and truly stepped out of her husbands shadow — professionally at least.
Frame of mind
Gaze across Kahlos self-portraits and youll find an unsmiling woman with a harsh unibrow staring back.
But the bold persona was all part of a carefully cultivated masquerade, says Prignitz-Poda.
Shes dressing up in the Tehuana dress, which represents the matriarch in a certain part of Mexico — the strong woman who fights for her rights, makes her own money. She wants to represent this type of woman.
She pointed out her mustache and joined eyebrows because they show a male aspect to her personality, and Frida always wanted to be both. She wanted to be a complete human being and not only the sweet wife, so this makes her look so strong.
Kahlo died soon after her 47th birthday in La Casa Azul — The Blue House — where she was also born, now a museum attracting thousands of visitors each month.
The official cause of death was respiratory failure, set on by pneumonia.
Kahlo has become an icon for women artists of the world, said art historian Prignitz-Poda.Getty Images
Today, Kahlos paintings sell for a whopping $5.6 million, her face adorns Mexicos 500-pesos note, and a 2002 Hollywood biopic of her life featured Salma Hayek in the Oscar nominated lead role.
Major retrospective exhibitions of her work continue to draw huge crowds. And among them are the Kahlo lookalikes, who quietly contemplate their hero hanging on the wall.
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Learn: Forgotten war photographer you should know
Milena Veselinovic contributed to this report

Haifa, Israel –  On Monday afternoon, August 4, day 27 of the latest war bayan escort between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces confirmed to FoxNews.com that it has carried out 4,712 air strikes on strategic targets in the Gaza Strip. According to Hamas figures there have been around 1,800 fatalities in the eskort enclave, “mostly women and children.” 
Israel, mainly due to its Iron Dome missile defense system, has sustained 66 casualties, only three being civilian.ADVERTISEMENTADVERTISEMENT
You do the math. 
If, as its most vociferous opponents charge, Israel is committing war crimes in its bombardment of Gaza, a bombardment that comes in response to more than 10,000 rockets fired indiscriminately into Israel over recent years – and more than 3,300 in the last 27 days alone – how come the death toll in Gaza averages less than 1 person for close to each three targeted Israeli strikes into what is, by common consent, one of the most heavily populated urban areas on the globe?
There has been scant questioning by the international media and by governments around the world of the figures on the dead given by Hamas. There has been very little attention paid to whether or not Hamas’ assertion that most of the dead are women and children is correct.
Does that smack of random bombing? Does it reflect a lack of morality? Or does it reflect, as Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan has stated time and again during this and previous Israel-Gaza conflicts, that “Israel is the one country in the Western world today that is standing up for its morality and for its values against the onslaught of international jihad.”
There has been scant questioning by the international media and by governments around the world of the figures on the dead given by Hamas. There has been very little attention paid to whether or not Hamas’ assertion that most of the dead are women and children is correct.
Previous conflicts involving Hamas have shown them to be more than a little economical with the truth where figures are concerned. Hamas’ policy of embedding itself in heavily populated areas, its firing missiles from or close to schools, hospitals, and mosques, appears to be cynically designed to draw maximum casualties.
The 4,712 Israeli airstrikes that have reportedly decimated Hamas terror infrastructure, had they been carried out by any other force, would likely have caused the death of many tens if not hundreds of thousands of people. 
In Syria and Iraq thousands of innocents are dying every week, mostly out of the view of the international media. Muslims killed at the hands of other Muslims, or Muslims killing Christians, executed by Qatari and Saudi Arabian-sponsored jihadists for refusing to convert to Islam. The international outcry, relative to that on the Hamas-Israel conflict, is minimal.
“Don’t think for a second please that Hamas cares for the children’s blood,” Mossab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, explained in a Fox News television interview a few days ago. 
“They want the children of Gaza to die. This is what gives them Arab and Islamic world sympathy, and this is what will condemn Israel internationally. This is their game and they’re happy about it.”
Yousef has bravely spoken out against his family’s deeply ingrained doctrine and Hamas’ terrorist raison d’etre. 
The convert to Christianity’s life is constantly at risk as he attempts to show a world broadly indifferent to Hamas’ macabre tactics, just what is going on, and why — even allowing for stray Israeli shells that have occasionally, tragically, hit the wrong targets — Israel has, in Yousef’s words, “No choice but to defend itself.”
“The only way, I believe, to fight an organization like Hamas” Yousef explains, “is to unmask them by exposing their ideology; what they stand for. Hamas is not a political party. It’s not even a Palestinian organization. Hamas hijacked the so-called ‘Palestinian cause’ and infiltrated the society to push their religious ideological agenda.”
Hamas is sponsored, funded, armed, and given technical support and guidance primarily by Qatar, Iran, and Turkey. 
In fear of losing world sympathy, Hamas never refers to the number of its terrorists that have been killed. 
It won’t allow the international media to show pictures of its hundreds of dead fighters; Israeli sources suggest that as many as 800 of the dead are terrorists. 
If Hamas did let the media see a truer picture of Gazan casualties, the chances are that open-minded people would soon figure out for themselves that a very significant proportion of the dead are terrorists, something that would clearly suggest Israel has indeed been selective in its choice of targets.
While for most decent people the preservation of human life is paramount, Hamas has indoctrinated its children from as soon as they can speak to believe that death and rewards in heaven are to be prized above all else. 
Speaking on Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV only last week, Hamas Chief of Staff, Muhammad Deif crowed, “Today you [Israelis] are fighting divine soldiers, who love death for Allah like you love life, and who compete among themselves for martyrdom like you flee from death. We love death like our enemies love life!”
But despite the figures that appear to back up Israel’s assertion that its army is doing all it can to minimize civilian losses, the masses of air strikes it has aborted at the last second because the potential collateral damage (innocent civilian count) would be too high, and the fact that it has uncovered a dizzying network of terror tunnels dug from Gaza into Israel that had been prepared for use in a mass terror attacks on Israeli soil, some observers feel that Israel has been tried and summarily found guilty by a majority of the mass media without all the relevant evidence having been duly considered.
Speaking to The Algemeiner on July 30, Colonel Kemp put Israel’s media dilemma in perspective.
“The starting point for so much of the world’s media, opinion-makers, political leaders, NGOs, human rights groups, will always be that whatever Israel does is wrong… You see images of dead babies, dead boys on the beach, women screaming about their children, and no reality can overcome those images. It’s understandable in a way, because it is heart-wrenching… the problem is that there’s no reference, no open-mindedness to the fact that the only reason that these children have been killed is because of Hamas’ aggression towards Israel.”Paul Alster is an Israel-based journalist. Follow him on Twitter @paul_alster and visit his website: www.paulalster.com.

(CNN) — Philip Seymour Hoffman didnt want his children to become trust fund kids so he left his fortune to child porn his girlfriend, a court document said.
Hoffman, who died of a heroin overdose in February, wrote in his 2004 will that everything would go to friend and companion Mimi ODonnell, who is the mother of his three children.
This unfortunately was just one relapse
His accountant and the lawyer who wrote the will said the actor repeatedly rejected their recommendations to create trusts for the children, according to interviews quoted in a court filing obtained by CNN.
Hoffman told his lawyer that he did not like the idea of setting up a trust for his children, the lawyer said.
The casket carrying Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman leaves the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola after Hoffmans private funeral service Friday, February 7, in New York City. Hoffman, 46, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment February 1.
Hoffmans longtime partner, Mimi ODonnell, watches Hoffmans casket as it is loaded into the back of a hearse.
Actress Cate Blanchett and her husband, Andrew Upton, leave the funeral service. Hoffman and Blanchett co-starred in The Talented Mr. Ripley.
Director Mike Nichols and his wife, Diane Sawyer, attended the service. Nichols directed Hoffman on Broadway in Death of a Salesman.
Actor Ethan Hawke hugs another mourner after the service.
Actor Joaquin Phoenix, left, exits the church. Phoenix appeared with Hoffman in The Master.
Pallbearers lift Hoffmans casket into the back of a hearse.
Writer David Bar Katz, wearing glasses, is embraced as he arrives at the church. Katz found Hoffmans body.
Actress Meryl Streep, left, starred with Hoffman in Doubt.
Actress Michelle Williams, wearing glasses, worked with Hoffman in Synecdoche, New York.
Actress Ellen Burstyn and comedian Louis C.K. attended the funeral.
A man cleans the steps of the church.
Philip Seymour Hoffmans funeral
Philip Seymour Hoffmans funeral
Philip Seymour Hoffmans funeral
Philip Seymour Hoffmans funeral
Philip Seymour Hoffmans funeral
Philip Seymour Hoffmans funeral
Philip Seymour Hoffmans funeral
Philip Seymour Hoffmans funeral
Philip Seymour Hoffmans funeral
Philip Seymour Hoffmans funeral
Philip Seymour Hoffmans funeral
Philip Seymour Hoffmans funeral
Philip Seymour Hoffmans funeral
Accountant David Friedman said Hoffman told him he did not want a trust in any form for his children, according to the court filing. Friedman recalled conversations in which Hoffman told him he did not want his children to be considered trust fund kids.
It was a decision that Hoffman reaffirmed as recently as a year before his death, the accountant said.
Philip Seymour Hoffman in his own words
Philip Seymour Hoffman in his own words
Philip Seymour Hoffman in his own words
Philip Seymour Hoffman in his own words
Philip Seymour Hoffman in his own words
Philip Seymour Hoffman in his own words
Philip Seymour Hoffman in his own words
Philip Seymour Hoffman in his own words
Hoffman told his accountant that Mimi would take care of the children, he said.
Philip Seymour Hoffmans will guides son away from Hollywood
The quotes were in a report filed by the lawyer appointed by the court to represent the childrens interest. That report to the New York judge overseeing the probate of Hoffmans estate recommended that the will be accepted.
The will, which named ODonnell as executor of the estate, did provide for a trust fund for the oldest son in the event his mother was not living when Hoffman died. It was signed by Hoffman in October 2004, when his son, Cooper, now 10, was just a year old and before daughters Tallulah and Willa were born.
Although Hoffman and ODonnell never married, she is the mother of all three of his children and he treated her in the same manner as if she were a spouse, the filing said.
Hoffman simply did not believe in marriage but that did not affect his affinity or relationship with Ms. ODonnell, the report said.
Hoffmans lawyer said when he wrote the will that the actor instructed him to make sure his son would be raised in a city with art and culture, which led him to include a clause that asked that he be raised in certain geographic locales.
It is my strong desire, and not direction to my guardian, that my son, Cooper Hoffman be raised and reside in or near the borough of Manhattan in the State of New York, or Chicago Illinois, or San Francisco, California, Hoffman stated in the 13-page will.
That provision was in a section that applied only if ODonnell was not living at the time of his death and if a guardian was to be appointed for his children.
If living in his preferred three cities was not possible, Hoffman requested that his son at least visit there twice a year.
The purpose of this request is so that my son will be exposed to the culture, arts and architecture that such cities offer, Hoffmans will said.
Noticeably absent from his list is Los Angeles, given Hoffmans fame as a Hollywood actor.
Hoffman, 46, was found on the bathroom floor of his apartment, a needle in his arm. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
Investigators discovered close to 50 envelopes of what they believed was heroin in the apartment, law enforcement sources said. They also found used syringes, prescription drugs and empty plastic bags of a type commonly used to hold drugs, the sources said.
Hoffman, who was nominated for Academy Awards four times, won the Oscar for best actor in 2006 for his portrayal of writer Truman Capote in Capote. He earned Academy Award nominations for roles in Charlie Wilsons War, Doubt, and The Master.
Five reasons we loved Philip Seymour Hoffman
The Philip Seymour Hoffman we didnt know
Coroner: Philip Seymour Hoffman died of acute mixed drug intoxication
CNNs Joan Yeam contributed to this report.

Edge of Discovery highlights awe-inspiring innovations and ideas.
(CNN) — Its the second most common cancer for men worldwide, but prostate escort bayan cancer remains difficult to diagnose, with standard blood tests criticized for delivering a high rate of false positives.
But in a study presented in May this year, trained detection dogs were able to identify prostate cancer from a few sniffs of a urine sample with a staggering 98% accuracy, with few false positives. Although the study is by no means conclusive, it joins a growing body of research suggesting dogs could be able to smell out cancers.
However, there are numerous practical problems in using dogs to detect cancers in a medical setting (not least training, consistency and identifying exactly which chemicals the dogs are detecting), which is why scientists are seeking to harness the potential detection ability of mans best friend through the development of an electronic nose capable of making a diagnosis.
Easily sniffed
Finnish researchers are using a device that conducts molecular analysis of the atmosphere in the headspace above urine samples, and tests it for the volatile organic compounds associated with prostate cancer. In a study published earlier this year, the method had a detection rate of 78%, and a specificity (the probability of the test being negative when cancer is absent) of 67%.
Eventually this can be used as a test for every cancer in the Western world.
Dr. Niku Oksala, University of Tampere
We see molecules at the stages when the tumor is very small, said lead investigator Dr. Niku Oksala, of the University of Tampere. We can also find whether it is aggressive or benign to know what action is needed.
Oksalas team is continuing to refine the method, such as through removing impurities for cleaner sample analysis, but he believes the principle is reliable and can be applied to many other cancers.
We have found there are over 30 molecule compounds in a tumor that are very smelly and easily sniffed. Eventually this can be used as a test for every cancer in the Western world, he added.
Around the world, similar approaches are being applied to offer simple diagnosis for the worlds greatest killers. In 2011, the Gates Foundation announced funding for a battery-operated electronic nose prototype in India that functions as a breathalyzer test for tuberculosis.
The NaNose is being developed by the Israeli Technion Institute, claiming 90% accuracy in detecting lung cancer from a breath test, and providing enough information to distinguish between subtypes of the disease.
New generation
Electronic noses are not a new concept. Medical sensors first emerged in the 1980s, but were unable to deliver reliable diagnoses. But in this new generation of devices, experts believe the field has matured.
While the devices today dont come close to mimicking the nose of a dog, Im confident that they will help to recognize diseases based on body odors.
Dr. Gary Beauchamp, director of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Pennsylvania
The idea been around for over 20 years with many companies making e-noses they thought would be useful for diagnosing diseases, but they were way oversold and that destroyed the idea for a time, says Dr. Gary Beauchamp, director of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Pennsylvania. While the devices today dont come close to mimicking the nose of a dog, Im confident that they will help to recognize diseases based on body odors.
Cancerous material can be found easily enough, says Beauchamp, but decoding the mass of combinations that form smells remains a difficulty. Odors are a mixture of compounds and that requires pattern recognition. A dog recognizes an individual person through thousands of odors at one time, so you need a device that gives you the same information, and that is the challenge for the next generation.
In the short-term, Beauchamp believes that odor recognition could be used in conjunction with other tests, particularly as a means of non-invasive, early detection that could be followed up if necessary. They could become part of a routine examination in much the same way as blood tests … that seems to me a likely scenario.
There are fears that making diagnosis too widely available could take serious decisions out of the hands of experts, and that unreliable tools could proliferate. But similar techniques are already established outside of medicine, for a range of applications from testing for dangerous chemicals to quality control in food manufacturing.
Companies are already moving toward consumer healthcare applications for the electronic nose. British start-up Owlstone is working on a mobile breath-testing system that would give users instant analysis of their breath, offering early detection of conditions such as diabetes, TB or cancers. NASA technology is also being researched as a mobile sensor for lung cancer.
As molecular analysis becomes cheaper and more reliable the applications are rapidly expanding.

Editors note: This infographic is part of CNNs Future Finance, a new series showcasing future trends related to the global escort financial system. The show complements CNNs business coverage by examining everything from a cashless society to high-speed trading that employs bayan escort the power of laser beams. Viewing this from mobile? Click here.

Dundee United have accepted a £3million bid from Sporting Lisbon for superkid Ryan Gauld.The 18-year-old is set to fly out escort bayan for talks with the Portuguese giants and the deal is expected to be concluded later this week.The
teenage midfielder became escort bayan known as “Baby Messi” for his dazzling
dribbling and low centre of gravity as he tormented Scottish defences
when he escort bayan burst onto the scene last season as United finished fourth in
the Scottish Premiership and reached the Scottish Cup Final.
Moving escort bayan abroad: Dundee Uniteds Ryan Gauld, second left, was on great form last season
England U19 2-1 Scotland U19: Lewis Baker scores late brace in comeback victory
St Johnstone 2-0 Dundee United: Steven Anderson and Steve MacLean goals seal first-ever Scottish Cup Final win
St Johnstone boss Tommy Wright ahead of Scottish Cup final: We are confident but pressure is all on Dundee United
ADRIAN DURHAM: Liverpool are to blame for feeding the ego of Luis Suarez… Bill Shankly would have sent him packing after the Branislav Ivanovic bite
Liverpool tried to sign Arjen Robben a year ago… the winger would have been perfect at Anfield, reveals Jamie Carragher
Over the past year, Gauld, from
Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire, has been scouted by Real Madrid, Roma,
Manchester United and Arsenal.And while Dundee United were not under pressure to sell they felt unable to turn down a bid of that size for a teenager.Last
season, the down-to-earth Gauld played down comparisons with the
Argentinian great but revealed he would love to play abroad one day
rather than grace the English Premier League.‘The comparison to Messi is quite laughable, but it is good to read,’ he said.‘I
look up to Messi because he’s the best in the world. Every young boy
should be watching and trying to emulate him in training. Don’t be an
ordinary person, go and try something special.‘Growing
up, I watched the Spanish Leagues and prefer that style. Getting the
ball down and being patient with the build-up play. In England, it’s
maybe more direct. If you are a winger, you are expected to take on a
full-back and get a cross in. Abroad, you can turn out, keep the ball
and just keep the attack going. You also see players who are smaller in
stature.VIDEO Gauld scores a brace for Dundee Utd
England U19 2-1 Scotland U19: Lewis Baker scores late brace in comeback victory
St Johnstone 2-0 Dundee United: Steven Anderson and Steve MacLean goals seal first-ever Scottish Cup Final win
St Johnstone boss Tommy Wright ahead of Scottish Cup final: We are confident but pressure is all on Dundee United
ADRIAN DURHAM: Liverpool are to blame for feeding the ego of Luis Suarez… Bill Shankly would have sent him packing after the Branislav Ivanovic bite
Liverpool tried to sign Arjen Robben a year ago… the winger would have been perfect at Anfield, reveals Jamie Carragher

Editors note: Watch Talk Asia with Vogue Chinas editor-in-chief Angelica Cheung on TV from Thursday, March 20. Click here for escort bayan the show times.
(CNN) — When I was launching Vogue China nine years ago, one of the key elements I was eskort determined to introduce was a regular column dedicated to promoting and supporting Chinese design talents. We were the first fashion bayan escort magazine to do this on a regular basis, but it was not easy.
There really werent many people whose designs could escort hold up alongside all the international brands we featured. Nowadays, we are overwhelmed with design talent, both from emerging independent designers and from domestic Chinese fashion brands, and very often, we wish we had more space to feature more of them.
We started off lending a platform in the magazine for young local designers. But gradually, we started developing various initiatives beyond the magazine in order to promote their designs and widen their scope of influence.
For example, the Vogue Talents Corner in collaboration with thecorner.com.cn in December 2011 and the CFDA x Vogue Fashion Fund, launched in 2012, which allows Chinese designers to gain first-hand insight into the business and retail side of fashion in the New York offices of leading companies like Theory and Michael Kors.
Can Chinese fashion go global?
Meet Chinas Anna Wintour
Why Vogue China is more than fashion
Whilst we were mostly focusing on independent designers, gradually, I began noticing that many Chinese fashion brands were taking an increasingly international approach to the way they run their business.
They had long been power players in the retail market here, but perhaps lacked the industry know-how of how to operate like an international fashion house, without samples, appropriate PR and a streamlined brand image.
We started off by doing a feature on four major brands in our September 2011 issue and I was intrigued by the fascinating stories of their owners, who had all grown up in a society without fashion, but who were now relaying it to the masses with great commercial success. From then on, we have witnessed a growing maturity amongst these brands and their new season designs are often featured within the magazine.
See who else has been on Talk Asia
More recently, we are so proud to see those such as Uma Wang, Masha Ma and Huishan Zhang thriving on the international stage, as they show on schedule at Milan, Paris and London fashion week.
In terms of design style and business acumen, this new generation is possessed of incredible confidence and industry awareness, and are a lot less naïve than the earlier designers. Many of them were educated at design schools abroad, where they learnt to operate within the industry, both abroad and in China.
Their success is also an example of the seismic shift which is happening in the Chinese consumer market as people are moving beyond the logo-ed products, with a preference for more rarefied but discreet things. In this process, they are turning more and more towards Chinese designers, who they feel offer products more tailored to Chinese tastes and aesthetics than some of the international brands.
Compare the fashion choices of the first ladies of America and China
The growth of this market is witnessed by the rising number of buyers boutiques who specialize in Chinese designers in Shanghai and Beijing, and increasingly spreading to other cities like Guangzhou, Chengdu and Changsha.
I dont think the made in China label defines Chinese designers today.
Angelica Cheung, editor-in-chief, Vogue China
I dont think the made in China label defines Chinese designers today. Many designers split their design and production between overseas and China. This is a natural process borne out of financial, quality and logistical considerations. Maybe a certain Italian fabric suits their design better, or maybe in some cases Chinese craftsmanship is better.
Angelica Cheung
We live in a world which is getting smaller and smaller, and if for example, a German brand can produce in Italy without losing their identity, then I dont see how it is any different for Chinese designers. It is up to each designer to determine which production methods are best suited for them.
Sexy, skintight, sophisticated: How the cheongsma has survived a century
Of course, these young designers, like young talents everywhere else in the world, are also facing many challenges. A major one is how to create a brand that is really unique and stands out among the countless other designers and brands that are crowding the markets around the world already.
They have to answer the question of why does the world need another designer? not just for one season but consistently throughout years. The internet, whilst making some things easier, is also posing other challenges. A new idea does not remain new for long in this digital age. Execution, delivery and efficiency are just as important as novel ideas.
Chinese designers need, like young designers all over the world, to learn to move beyond the derivative influence of previous designers and stand up for themselves. Despite these challenges, I have confidence that in this, as in everything else in China, change will come much faster than most people expect.
The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author, Angelica Cheung.

It wasn’t long ago that monitoring our health meant using an old fashioned thermometer to check for a fever. But escort the past year has seen hundreds of health and fitness trackers come on the market claiming to monitor everything from bayan eskort how much exercise we do, to what we eat.Now one San Diego-based company is hoping go a step further by escort bayan allowing people to run full health diagnostics on a molecular level using their blood and saliva, all from the comfort escort kızlar of their own home.
Consumers can use the Cue (left) to track five key health indicators: inflammation, vitamin D, fertility, influenza, and testosterone in just minutes in the comfort of their home using an app on their smartphone (right)Cue has created a smartphone accessory of the same name which can analyse a users blood and saliva on-the-go, and instantly display their health results on screen. 
The holophone is almost here! Amazon does deal with AT&T to take on Apple and Google with revolutionary 3D handset
Facebook takes aim at Snapchat with Slingshot self destructing message app
For the first time, Cue said people will be able to track five key health and lifestyle indicators: inflammation, vitamin D, fertility, influenza, and testosterone, in just minutes in the comfort of their home. For instance, the Cue device can help people catch the symptoms of flu and treat them before they develop. 
The company claims it is also a helpful gadget for women hoping to conceive as it tracks their fertility levels
Cue comes with a wand (right) which collects a sample of saliva, blood, or a nasal swab, which then slides into a cartridge (left). The device examines the sample, before sending it to an app on the user’s smartphoneThe company claims it is also a helpful gadget for women hoping to conceive because it tracks fertility levels. Cue comes with a wand that collects a sample of saliva, blood, or a nasal swab. This is then slid into a cartridge. HOW DOES CUE WORK?  The technology converts a biological sample to an electrical signal to create a digital result.The system comes with a wand which collects a sample of saliva, blood, or a nasal swab, which then slides into a cartridge. The device then examines the sample, before sending it to an app on the user’s smartphone.This means consumers can track five key health and lifestyle indicators: inflammation, vitamin D, fertility, influenza, and testosterone in minutes. The device examines the sample, before sending any readings to an app on the user’s smartphone. Chief executive, Ayub Khattak, said he wanted to create a product that allows people to access important information about their bodies whenever and wherever they want.We’ve used some time-tested basics, so the things that you find in the lab right now – in particular antibody based, very specific targeting of molecules, Khattak told Techcrunch.That’s how tests are run today at the lab.
What we’ve done is we’ve taken that concept – that fundamental principle – and we’ve used biosensors and microfluidics to make it so that we can execute those basics in a very compact, very automated way. So what we did is we developed the microfluid technology and the biosensor technology and integrated those together to execute those fundamentals. 
The technology converts a biological sample to an electrical signal to create a digital result. Cue is just three inches tall (7.6cm), weighs less than a pound (0.45kg), and has an optional travel case
The first 1,000 people can order Cue from the website for $149 (£88). However, the device won’t be shipped until spring next year and the final retail price has not been announced
The device, which took four years to develop, is just three inches tall (7.6cm), weighs less than a pound (0.45kg), and has an optional travel case. ‘Over time, having on-demand access to important indicators of health could reshape the way we, as a society respond to a pandemic and how healthy we live our lives for ourselves and our loved ones,’ the company claims on their website.The first 1,000 people can order Cue from the website for $149 (£88). However, the device won’t be shipped until spring next year and the final retail price has not been announced.
It is not designed to replace doctors and nurses completely, however.
Chief executive, Ayub Khattak (left), said he wanted to create Cue (right) so that people could get access to important information about their bodies whenever and wherever they want 
Read more:
Cue Is A Connected Lab-In-A-Box For On-Demand Health Testing At Home | TechCrunch

(CNN) — The Supreme Court will explore the limits of speech crimes in the Internet age, especially laws aimed at escort bayan protecting those harassed or bullied online.
The justices will hear oral arguments this fall in the prosecution of Anthony Elonis over escort Facebook posts.
Some were expressed as rap lyrics, which Elonis said were therapeutic for dealing with emotional pain.
But the federal government bayan escort alleges he crossed a line in May 2010 and used threatening language about his estranged wife and an FBI agent bayan escort ankara investigating him.
Did you know that its illegal for me to say I want to kill my wife? Elonis wrote. Its illegal. Its indirect criminal contempt. Its one of the only sentences that Im not allowed to say.
The justices will decide the level of proof needed to convict someone for making criminal threats.
The issue in play here has broader implications for free speech amid the explosion of popular and often anonymous social media.
Key questions here involve whether sites like Twitter are in the same category as more conventional news links, and are general threats made online different than those made in person?
Elonis exhibited what the government called troubling behavior at his work, including allegedly starting to undress in front of a female co-worker.
He was fired for posting a Facebook picture from a Halloween-themed event, where Elonis is holding a knife next to that co-worker, as part of the staged activities. The online caption read: I wish.
His online postings became more graphic, including one obtained by prosecutors in which Elonis wrote about his wife.
A court later granted a protection-from-abuse order filed by his spouse.
Other postings, by now being monitored by the FBI, were aimed at judges and law enforcement involved in the case. They also included a reference to school shootings.
Elonis was convicted in federal court and sentenced to 44 months in prison. He appealed.
The government told the high court that this was not a case of careless talk, exaggeration, something said in a joking manner or an outburst of transitory anger. The statements that qualify as true threats (from the defendant) thus have a significant, serious character.
But Elonis lawyers said the government did not prove his statements showed a subjective intent to threaten, based on previous Supreme Court precedent. And they question whether a reasonable person would regard the statement as threatening.
His lawyers said Elonis was simply exercising free-speech.
Although the language was, as with popular rap songs addressing the same themes, sometimes violent, (the) petitioner posted explicit disclaimers in his profile explaining that his posts were fictitious lyrics, they said.
Art is about pushing limits. Im willing to go to jail for my constitutional rights. Are you? he asked at one point.
The courts docket has increasingly included constitutional disputes over the limits of digital and online technology. The justices are currently writing a ruling on whether police can obtain evidence of criminal activity from a suspects cellphone without first obtaining a search warrant.

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